Kindergarten Isis consuming Aquatic centipede


About the KIA Egregore

In contemporary occult parlance, the word egregore tends to be used for an entity created by a group of magicians, usually deliberately, as a kind of group mind. The magicians that gave birth to KIA, began with the creation of an egregore, in the form of a collaboratively constructed doll on the evening of February 9th, 2001.


Anton Channing with the KIA Doll, February 9th, 2001.

Many of the original magicians were non-local, even then, as the group formed on the forums of chaosmagic dot com, a popular chaos magic website. As an expansion of the doll idea, we decided to create a magical piece of software, which we called KIA Speaks. Originally every magician in KIA had to submit three sentences. These could be original, quotes from favourite books, or weird sentences stumbled upon somewhere.

Whilst the compete list of original sentences was unfortunately lost, many have survived, and many new ones added to the latest version of KIA Speaks.

The egregore also continues to grow and its presence can be felt where ever two or more agents meet, either online or offline. The articles under Flow detail such meetings and also all attempts at communication with the egregore. The articles under Form detail the creation of dolls, sigils and other representations of the egregore.