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KIA Doll Makeover

In 2009 I gave the old KIA doll from the Norwich group a makeover.   After being passed around the membership of the Norwich group she unanimously ended up in my care when the group dissolved.  I had been working with her as my personal link to the group egregore for a number of years, but in 2009 began to feel that the look of the old doll no longer represented well what KIA had become.

Lolita Perdurabo and I began working together more closely on a magical level and felt it was time to give the doll a makeover.  I began by giving her a new paint job, and Lolita contributed more gold paint patterns to the arms and legs, and more recently donated a bow to KIA for her to wear in her hair.  For KIA’s 11th birthday Lolita also made her a new necklace from some sea shells.

The following photos reveal how she looks now:

The KIA Doll February 2012

Isn't she cute?

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