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Egregore Project

Perhaps it is time for a ‘re-birth’ rite to reinvigorate the KIA Egregore in the manner that the original ‘birth rite‘ did back when we started?

Lolita and I came up with the following idea.  What we propose is something similar to that, but a little more chaotic.  Participants should each create a doll or fetish of some kind to represent the egregore, either as an individual or as a local group if you’re lucky enough to be a part of one.  Then when you are ready, anounce this fact on this thread, wait for the next person to be ready, swap postal addresses and each send each other the egregore!

When you receive an egregore, add to it in some way, in ritual and with magical intent like in the original birth rite.   Then get ready to swap it again.  Eventually you receive your original doll back, or if you don’t you at least have someone elses.

The base for an egregore could be anything.  It doesn’t have to be a doll.  It could be a wooden fetish or even a robot!  Although you probably want it to be fairly cheap to make and not too expensive to post.

When a gathering of kiaists happens, those of us with an egregore can take them with us to the gathering to further ‘charge’ them.  At some gatherings additional rebirth rites can be performed where members add to egregores, especially including ones they haven’t previously contributed to.

What do people think, can we make this idea work?

13 thoughts on “Egregore Project

  1. I would add Threadford to the ‘equation’ if I could, but I made him for my son.
    I have a ‘skeleton’ of one for me, but I’ve not started him yet.
    Although, I do have an interesting idea.
    I’ll have to see if it does anything, (with a little initial kick, naturally!)

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  4. And now… On the eve of this very interesting solstace, the doll is taking shape.
    He is loosely based on threadford, but he’s so much easier to work on, as there is no design for him at all. It looks like he is to be my contribution to the KIA egregore.
    I am rather surprised… and very happy.

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  5. Aw!!!….. I almost missed it completely! Thank you @Sally! :-D

    I am being very slow with my dolly, now I have finished a few other things that have been hanging around for ages, maybe I’ll get back to him.
    This is how he looks… So far…

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  6. Thank you @Anton, (I hope it doesn’t take as long as Threadford did!!)

    I think …..that was @Lolitas hope for Kay’tee, I seem to recall her saying that she would love it if our site egregore went to members of KIA out of the UK as well.

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