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Crowley Mass October 12th-15th 2012, Upper Foyers, Loch Ness.

We invite our friends from KIA and Free Illuminism to join us on this magickal gathering.

We feel that with the end of 2011 KIA entered a new phase of life. Some of us met for the first time, many participated in the KIA Wealth Magic Ritual and Egregore Project and some attended KIA meeting in London earlier this year. Our community began the transformation from an on-line discussion group to magickal community of people sharing experience and working together towards illumination and happiness. During our gathering in Foyers we will be celebrating this as well as expanding on our cooperation.

We consider Foyers one of the most exceptional places around Loch Ness. It has it’s own magickal history and breathtaking power that hits you as soon as you land there.  We think that Aleister Crowley knew what he was doing choosing nearby Boleskine for his Abramelin working and that he must have appreciated the exceptional nature of this place. To learn a bit more about Foyers and watch a video you can visit our original post on the Green Site.

KIA Retreat proposed programme:

This will largely depend on how many of us will make it. I encourage everyone participating to come forward with ideas of what we might do and possibly prepare some magickal activity for everyone.  Below there is a list of activities that we might take part in:

Friday Evening:

  • Crowley Mass at Boleskine Cemetery (subject to weather conditions).  Ritual of Ceremonial Magick including drumming, blowing a Conch shell, dancing, singing, drawing Sigils and reciting Liber Al inspired by Gnostic Mass .
  • The ceremony would be concluded by meditative walk to the shores of Loch Ness where all participants would partake in a ritualistic bath in the waters of the loch. The brave ones might even have  a swim. To prepare for this initiation I suggest getting in practice of Tummo.
  • Late night screening: Film of our choice, to be decided, possibly Lucifer Rising  or Chemical Wedding.


  • Workshops, rituals and activities prepared by the participants. This could include my workshop on Abramelin Oil and Incense, creating and exchanging KIA egregore dolls, maybe some tarot sessions, group meditation and so on.
  • Walk to the Falls of Foyers.
  • Evening ritual: this could be to do with one of our current projects:

Fear & Love Project,

Healing Servitore,

Justice field.

  • Late night screening: Film of our choice, to be decided.  Maybe something by Werner Herzog or starring him like Incident At Loch Ness.


  • KIA Egregore Rising ritual to empower ourselves.
  • KIA Retreat Party.

This programme is only a vague suggestion. Feel free to come forward with your own ideas!

Other activities may include: angling, fishing, mushroom picking, red squirrel, deer and Nessie spotting and hunt for the wild Scottish Haggis.


Accommodation, Transport and Facilities:

We will be staying at Lodges on Loch Ness in upper Foyers.
Each lodge can accommodate 6 people in 2 double and one twin en-suite bedroom. They are self catering fully equipped lodges with hot tubs. Price per lodge is £625.  The deposit of £200 has to be paid and details of each occupant must be given 6 weeks before arrival . You can make a booking using the following link. http://www.lodgesonlochness.com/index.htm

We will be arriving to Foyers on Friday and leaving on Monday morning. We will be organising ourselves in groups of  6 when possible. We will meet in Inverness on Friday and take bus no 16 from Queensgate to Foyers.

There are other accommodation options available if you find yourself in too small company to justify booking a lodge or you want to join us for one or two nights only. We recommend nearby Foyers House B&B with its warm welcome, interesting library and absolutely delicious breakfast.

There is no campsite in Foyers and nights in October can be bitterly cold here in Scotland so if you decide to bring a tent and wild camp in the woods we will offer hot drink and food in our lodge.

Getting to Foyers on weekends isn’t very easy. The public transport is very limited with only 2 buses on Saturday and no bus on Sunday . Only other options would be to take a taxi: Happy Cabbies 01463 717777 or City Taxis Inverness 01463 222555. There is usually a few cabs in front of the train station as well.

If you’re driving to get to Foyers you will need to follow B862 from Inverness to Dores and B852 from Dores to Foyers. It leads along the shores of Loch Ness and distance is roughly 20 miles on a narrow bumpy road with passing places.

Foyers has its own Waterfall Cafe serving nice Scottish Breakfast and Foyers Stores post office which sales some good ale and few other basics. For more advanced groceries it will be best to stock up in Inverness. There is a Co-operative store just 2 minutes from Queensgate with nice choice of food and drink.





26 thoughts on “KIA RETREAT 2012.

  1. Thanks @lolita for getting all the information into this post. Its so great that this is going ahead. A number of us confirmed as coming already and more showing an interest. Promises to be a fun time…

    And the ‘timetable’ above is subject to discussion. Not sure how many of us will want to swim in the Loch in October? Perhaps lolita was having a little joke with us about that…

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  2. Hey friends!

    This is wonderful, and during all the last years I would have said I couldn’t come because I was always short on money. But things seem to have changed, I might even make it. I’ve got a new job, some common acquaintances of ours already heard about it on FB. After being the philosophy dropout at the edge of society for years trying all kinds of things to make some money I was hired by a real estate broker for the online editor work I was educated for and other office work.
    No, that’s not dream lifestyle and I am getting pretty busy in that job, but it could be I can build on the income long term so that in some years I can finance a freer lifestyle again. My boss is wonderful, an older gentleman who’s true to himself, is an Esotericist and intellectual in his spare time, who loves freedom and respects it, teaches me many tricks of the trade, and is only sometimes a little strict because he sees a lot of potential in me and tries hard to develop that further. It’s only a means to me to create a foundation for a better future and he respects this fully, does it with the same motivation for himself with the difference that he’s got studying children to support.

    What I don’t know is if I will get a vacation so early but it could be from what I heard so far. But it looks good that now I can afford the travel financially. To me it would be cool if I have some additional days to see something else in the UK. I’ll see if I can manage it.

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  3. @zeitl0ch Would be cool if you can make it. We’ve got one lodge full already, but it looks like there are more of you interested in coming, so maybe you can all team up and form a second lodge, or stay in the bed and breakfast.

    If you do come this will be a true international meeting because we’ll have attendees from Scotland, England, Poland and Germany.

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  4. A quote from Allen Greenfield of the Congregation Illuminist movement that explains the importance of meeting up in relation to the great work:

    “My feeling is that we need to go in an entirely different direction in order to attain Illumination […] My experience with groups that direct you is that you wind up buying into the group or getting out of the group. Whereas there is a third alternative which is [to] be yourself. But of course there are the […] people who are so independent that they feel they should work entirely on their own. And it has always been my belief that human beings are social creatures and there is a community element and that as long as one isn’t compromising ones own individual freedom that sharing and mutual aid are a good thing, in fact they’re a necessity in any successful approach to the Great Work.”

    From https://www.causes.com/causes/152090-congregational-illuminism/actions/1675042

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  5. Hey, the retreat sounds awesome. I’m coming to England in september, and will be around for around 6 months or so, I’ll be kinda busy helping a friend and finding new and creative and beneficial ways of making money, but I definately want to put time aside for this. Doubt i’ll be able to pay for lodging, so I’ll camp it up (I’ve never been there, how cold you reckon it gets?)
    I’m a new “member” of the free illuminism movement, and I’d be happy to share in some work on those lines. That’s how I found this retreat info actually, and the mass etc. . I like the idea of the justice field a lot, kinda freaky too! That episode of Red Dwarf is one of the most memorable for me

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  6. The following information may also prove useful:

    Sunrise and sunset times for the retreat:
    October 12
    First Light: 06:24
    Dawn: 07:08
    Sunrise: 07:47
    Transit: 13:04
    Sunset: 18:21
    Dusk: 18:59
    Nightfall: 19:44

    October 13
    First Light: 06:26
    Dawn: 07:10
    Sunrise: 07:49
    Transit: 13:04
    Sunset: 18:18
    Dusk: 18:57
    Nightfall: 19:41

    October 14
    First Light: 06:28
    Dawn: 07:12
    Sunrise: 07:51
    Transit: 13:03
    Sunset: 18:16
    Dusk: 18:54
    Nightfall: 19:39

    October 15
    First Light: 06:30
    Dawn: 07:14
    Sunrise: 07:53
    Transit: 13:03
    Sunset: 18:13
    Dusk: 18:52
    Nightfall: 19:36

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  7. Hey all!
    Looks unlikely that I’ll make it, which is a real bummer!
    especially as its my birthday that weekend…
    But no matter, it will be a very significant part of our growing ‘real time’ friendships within KIA.
    And things ‘will’ be done.
    Thank you for posting all the info. It is a great help I’m sure, for all that find themselves able to attend.

    All power to us all, whether we are together, or taking part at a distance.

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  8. I doesn’t look like i will make it either what is ridiculous regarding the fact i only need couple of hours on the bus to get there…
    I am still hopeful that my life circumstances will twist somehow during the next month and then I will get there in a last minute:-D Who knows?
    Anyway- my attitude now is that if it’s meant to happen it will

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  9. Regarding the KIA meet up, me and Anton have an idea to make a small magickal market during our retreat. We could all bring some things we want to give away, sell or exchange.

    Also if any of you have some magickal object or practice you want to show to others and/or talk about bring it with you.

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  10. Have a mind melting reality bending time laced with the stuff that dreams are made of! Wish I could physically be there. I’ll still prepare myself for a weekend that’s off-the-kilter, since I doubt I’d be able to escape the aetheric download even if I wanted to.

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  11. Anton asked via PM if I’d make it. Sorry I won’t. Too much work, not in the position to get a holiday so early in the new job. I gotta help selling apartments once inhabited by British soldiers, somewhat bizarre apartments to the German eye, among other real estate.
    I wish you who go to the retreat a great time and hope I can catch some sense of the energies you release during next weekend.

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  12. so….. Who managed to make it? I have managed to be rather quiet on the site for a while, so I don’t really know what’s been goin’ down.
    Easyjet are still consistantly sending me emails with cheap winter flights… just to rub it in! ;(
    Never mind… maybe next time…

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  13. (in reply to @Anton on @Lolita with the swimming in the Loch.)
    Oh… My … gods!
    Me caan believe it!
    Unlike me, (it needs to be at least 70% F before I’m comfortable!, I think maybe you may feel the same @Anton
    there’s ‘no way’ that @Lolita can go to hell!…!!!
    She’s just too warm blooded!!

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