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KIA Crowleymas Retreat in Loch Ness 2013

After the success of the 2012 KIA retreat on Loch Ness, we have decided to organise one again this year.  This time we are giving several months more notice so more of you can save up the cash and make necessary arrangements to attend.

NOTICE: The dates and prices mentioned below have been changed.

I will organise accommodation for the weekend of Oct 11th, 12th and 13th (now Oct 18th-21st) as we did last year.  To cover deposits and worst case numbers I will need £200GBP (now rooms range from £180-235, meaning a single attendee sharing a room could be as cheap as £90GBP) in advance from each attendee, with possible refunds if numbers work our better than expected. Or I can use any excess to group order the food for the weekend.  Let me know if you require a single or double bedroom, and whether you are willing to share a room.

For those of you who didn’t make it last year, this is what to expect:

    1. Rituals, we performed several over the last retreat.
    2. Quiet time.  Plenty of time for meditation, divination etc.
    3. Walks in a Scots pine forest, taking in the beautiful Falls of Foyers, a beautiful tree covered gorge and down to the shores of Loch Ness itself.

Walks to Boleskine cemetary, opposite Crowley’s old house (now a private residence, so show consideration when there).

  1. Depending on how many people, and where you get accommodated, the facilities are amazing.  One B&B has a no children policy, ensuring a level of peace and quiet.  The self catering lodges come equipped with outdoor hot tubs and spa baths.
  2. The chance to meet and socialise with the fellow magicians you commune with frequently on this site.

Hope to see as many as possible of you there!

12 thoughts on “KIA Crowleymas Retreat in Loch Ness 2013

  1. Thank you @Anton, I’m sure that your organisation is greatly appreciated by all.
    I am very hopeful that I will be there. I really want to be, even though it will prove to be difficult in a couple of ways at least.
    Is there a deadline for definite booking, and/or payment?
    It may take a bit of time to sort this one out.

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  2. @trace I think a deadline of June for payments in order to guarantee a place in self catering is probably a good idea. After that, self catering accommodation may still be possible, but later comers may have to stay in B&B, and that is if B&B places are still available…

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  3. Thank you @Anton, ok… I will try to get things sorted at least by then.
    I think the cash will prove more difficult than my absence.

    I’m not sure how much I can get a return flight for, but it shouldn’t be too bad in October.
    Can we also have a reminder of the address of the venue please @Anton, I’ll need to get there from the airport.

    I’m trying not to be too hopeful…..but I really wanna make this one!

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  4. @trace I will confirm the venues after I’ve booked them. I will let attendees know where we will be. Be assured you will definitely have all the details long before the event. I really hope you can make it there this time. I missed you last time. And I think its good to have someone around that isn’t afraid to ask the questions that everyone else wants to know the answers to…

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  5. Well @Anton….. if you ask, you get at least one reality, although there’s more than one way not to know stuff.

    Thank you, I think it will be preeety difficult for me, however….. I thought the same last time I really wanted to visit….. so…
    You never know.

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  6. Ah…. Yes @Anton, not surprisingly the thought had crossed my mind….
    I think I may have sorta asked him the last time, (how can he not know what I really want/ need?)
    If I can’t trust the chaos, what/who can I trust?
    One chaotically vague and intuitive spell coming right up.

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