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Kia IAO Centring Ritual

Following the excellent suggestion of Hippi to share more magical practice on the site, and her recommendation of describing the feelings of our practise, I thought about an exercise we can all take part in.  It is a simple centring ritual, sometimes known as a ‘banishing ritual’.  To participate in this group exercise, perform the following ritual in your own time and make a special note of any sensations and feelings that occur to you as you do it.  If you don’t wish to participate, kindly refrain from commenting on this post.

The ritual chosen for this exercise is the Kia IAO Centring Ritual I recently posted on the wiki.  I reproduce it below for your convenience:


  1. Stand still with one arming pointing upwards and one downwards, like in the picture of Baphomet by Eliphas Levi.
  2. Take a deep breath inwards.
  3. On the out-breath vibrate the word ‘Kia’, like ‘Kiiiiiiaaaaaaaaa’.
  4. Visualise Austin Osman Spare’s glyph for Kia over your heart chakra.


  1. Raise both hands above your head, palms together, as you breath in deeply.
  2. On the out-breath vibrate the vowel ‘I’, like ‘Iiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee’. High pitch.
  3. Visualise a pillar or axis of light extending from your heart up to the heavens and down deep into the earth.


  1. Lower both arms so that they point outwards to your left and right, forming a cross, as you breath in deeply.
  2. Vibrate the vowel ‘A’ on the out-breath, like ‘Aaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh’. Medium pitch.
  3. Visualise a horizontal axis of light that crosses the vertical one exactly at your heart chakra.


  1. Lower both arms, bending the elbows and form an ‘O’ with the hands, such that your thumbs are close to your solar plexus and your fingers near your navel. Breath in deeply as you do so.
  2. On the out-breath, vibrate the vowel ‘O’, like ‘Oooooooooooooooooooo’. Low pitch.
  3. Visualise yourself, (or the ritual space), enclosed in an egg, about which circles an Ouroborus.

7 thoughts on “Kia IAO Centring Ritual

  1. Just performed this earlier this evening. My notes are:

    1. I took an extra deep breath before starting the first sound vibration.
    2. Whilst vibrating ‘Kia’ I felt a warmth in my chest in the area I visualised the Kia glyph.
    3. Whilst vibrating ‘I’ I felt a release of pressure in my crown where the axis entered. This was not warm but rather cool in a relieving kind of way. Towards the end of the vibration I also felt a tingling in my perinium.
    4. Whilst vibrating ‘A’ I once again felt a warmth in my heart chakra, where the two axis crossed.
    5. Whilst vibrating ‘O’ and visualising the egg and Ouroborus, I felt a profound sense of peace and focus.

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  2. I noticed that when doing this I didn’t really visualize any symbols but just focused on position of my body, voice and its vibration. The ‘I’ sound vibrated around my head- nose and throat area. I felt slight tingling in the crown of my head. ‘A’ vibrated in the chest and throat and it gave off sense of warmth whilst ‘O’ vibrated in my lungs and around my stomach. It felt grounding.

    Whole of this experience cleared and calmed my mind and shifted my awareness deeply int my body. I like this banishing. It works really fast for me and its very easy in comparison with LBRP which requires memorizing names and directions.

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  3. I never tried anything before that is pre-intended, so to speak, so I followed the exercise with interest.

    For the first few minutes after, I felt very heavy.
    Now i feel very calm and peaceful, I have a feeling of unreality, as if either I’m not real… or I’m in a dream and my surroundings are an illusion.
    I feel warm on the inside, and cold on the outside.

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