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Order? Membership?

I’ve been thinking about some of the wording I used to describe KIA lately. The main wiki page said we were ‘A decentralised order of sorcery’.  And other parts of the site talk about ‘membership’.  Well, I don’t think KIA has ever been an ‘order’, and their is no organisation which one might be a ‘member’ of so what is all this talk of ‘order’ and ‘membership’?

I’ve updated the main wiki page now to describe KIA as ‘a decentralised network of sorcerers’.  It may not be the best phrase, but its better than ‘order’.  I’m also thinking that the wording of ‘membership’ on other parts of the site may be replaced with the term ‘participation’.  KIA doesn’t seek ‘members’ but ‘participants’.  We don’t ‘belong’ to an egregore as its ‘members’.  We participate in the egregore, as participants.  We each choose a level of participation with which we feel personally comfortable.  The word order gives the impression of an organisation.  The only order in KIA emerges from our collective participation.

Having an account on this website does not really guarantee participation.  Indeed there are over 400 accounts on the website but only a small proportion actively participate in the egregore to my knowledge.  And some sorcerers that do participate, don’t have accounts.

So enough with the old aeon language! I think it gives totally the wrong impression…

11 thoughts on “Order? Membership?

  1. You might just call it a network of sorcerers as a network is decentralized by virtue.

    Participant seems find, but adept would work. I’m a member of a certain Guild that calls its participants Adepts, but we have a course that we go through and there is nothing like that here. Still, we are Kaotic Illuminated Adepts, right? Anyway, I don’t care either way; I just thought I’d share with you what we’re doing in this other gestalt and see if anyone likes the idea.

    I’m one of those 400 accounts that hasn’t been actively participating. I’ll try to change that. I’ve been busy with family, business, and other esoteric organizations that get together regularly near where I live. So, I haven’t had much time to come online and check in.

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  2. @reilus We do indeed include the word ‘Adepts’ in our acronym: http://kiamagic.com/wiki/index.php/KIA

    So that is one possibility to replace the word ‘members’. I don’t think anyone would object to the term ‘Adept’ except out of modesty. Anyway, we could always say, that in KIA terms, the word adept is used to reflect the lack of hierarchy, rather than to imply that everyone has the same level of attainment. We can say that KIA recognises the adept within us all.

    @s1m0n Associates is probably a bit better than my own suggestion of ‘participants’. Personally though I think I’d like to second the suggestion of Reilus of ‘Adepts’.

    Anyone else got any feedback on this?

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  3. @reilus @anton I agree Adept is a good term. But can I though a suggestion of ‘Agent’ into consideration? It implies less whilst maintaining an air of mystery. Personally I also think KIA Illuminated Agents sounds like a better acronym. But then that might be personal bias.

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  4. haha! I agree with Mr. @Agent M. The term “Agent” denotes a more promoting (active) function while “Adept” seems to conjure up a more passive function in my mind. But I also feel it would be important to define what the word “Agent” means for KIA.

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  5. I have to admit I like the suggestion of @agentm of ‘agents’. For similar reasons to Leo. Using the term ‘Adept’ implies that we are ‘good’ at something. I’m sure many of us are, but what we are ‘good’ at may vary. The term ‘adept’ only really makes sense in the context of a hierarchical order that claims to grade its members on ability.

    The term ‘agent’ however implies no particular rank.

    I’m not so sure about ‘KIA Illuminated Agents’, but I could possibly get behind ‘KIA Invisible Agents’. Would seem to be giving a little knowing nod to Grant Morrison, even if I’m more of an Alan Moore fan…

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  6. I must admit I feel more like an Agent when interacting with KIA. Agent is a good word…
    I think its dangerous to think of KIA as Kaotic Intelligence Agency… which also feels like a natural acronymonnection. DANGEROUS, I mean.

    (I’m still around, btw. )

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  7. “We Discordians should stick apart” ~ Principia Discordia

    Do we need a single official acronym at all? Since @anton added the random acronym thingy, I’ve always kind of assumed that we can use any acronym we like for KIA. Perhaps the best suggestions, those that we actually wish to work/play with, could be added to the wiki on this page:


    I admit, like @sparrowhawk I have also thought of the KIA/CIA connection. I feel like we are more like the CIA described in the Neal Stephenson novel ‘Snow Crash’, the CIC. Only we aren’t a ‘for profit’ organisation.

    I’m all for the change of the ‘Members’ page to an ‘Agents’ page however.

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