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Deciphering the KIA Egregore Ouija messages

On Friday the 18th of October 2013, five KIA Agents assembled together to contact the KIA Egregore using Ouija board with English Qabala Cypher written across it. Last Friday myself and @anton finished interpreting/decoding the first two answers. The process was a lengthy one but from the start the results obtained captured our imagination and motivated us to carry on. I decoded large part of this when @anton was at work but a lot of it was done by both of us.

First thing we did was to feed the letter sequences given to us during the ouija play into enigmagick program which gave us the triangle of numbers. Then we looked up corresponding phrases in Liber Al and try constructing meaningful answers from it. This turned out fairly easy with the first question. Below you can see the exact results obtained.

Q1. Do you have any questions for us?


40 14


First Veil: 54: who cry?

Second Veil: 40 14 cry who?

We selected phrases that are meaningful answers, of which we felt ‘who cry?’ was the only one in the First Veil. Of the possible results this was the only one that took the form of a question. Then we did the same for the Second Veil. The list of results is given below so you can understand the process.

40: shed, ye, have, sake, woes, is so, by all, gross, hair, hour, as she, at an, also of, or on, a joy a, cry, of all Ah! Ah!, MOR, hardly, as a sword, altar, host,

14: shall, who, how

54: who cry?

We chose words and phrases for 40 followed by 14 assuming that this is the order given to us by KIA Egregore. We then looked if any of the combinations make sense to us. We achieved a repeated result of inverted structure to the Fist Veil result. Cry Who? To double check our result you can type the numbers or letter sequences to enigmagick, or follow the numbered links above.

In the ouija board rite this letter sequence was directly followed by planchette moving onto ‘NO’. Our interpretation of this message is that KIA Egregore asks ‘who is asking?’ and says they have no further questions. This result is amusing and striking in that we forgot to introduce ourselves to KIA when saying hello.

We used the exact the same method to decode the second question. It was a more complex process as the letter sequence was in 3 parts resulting in Three Veils instead of Two.

Q2. What is the message of KIA?


22 132 99

154 231


First Veil: 253

Second Veil: 154 231

Third Veil: 22 132 99

The interpretation of these veils produced a long poetic text we intuitively arranged to form the KIA Litany.

3 thoughts on “Deciphering the KIA Egregore Ouija messages

  1. This a powerful but strange technique. And really we’ve only scratched the surface. The above comes from matching the numbers to phrases and words found in Liber Al. We could produce a whole alternative ‘message of KIA’ by analysing Austin Osman Spare’s “The Book of Pleasure”, or the Principia Discordia instead. Or indeed any other text we feel might prove appropriate.

    However, @lolita and I will leave that as an excercise for whoever feels inspired. It was enough work doing it with one text for now…

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  2. Also, so far we have only deciphered the answers to the first two questions.

    We still have the answers to:
    Q3. Where should we go from here?

    Q4. Are you happy with the direction we are going in?

    NAYX (Name of entity that said ‘Yes’ that
    it was an ‘Old One’ and ‘Nyarlathotep’)

    F OAKYPLPL (Message from Nayx/Nyarlathotep)

    And the other messages in Q5 and 6
    that appear to be from Oannes/John
    and Hecate.

    All of this may produce some startling results
    once analysed.

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