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The Swiss Army Knife of Magick ! Xaos

Many newcomers to the chaosphere ask where should i begin or what should i do ? which i guess is a natural progression away from the paths of indoctrinated thinking with a healthy dose of concern. The usual try some sigil magick seems to sit well but i personally opted for a different approach, to use the Media as a tool and weapon against ‘The Media.’ Why not ? after all we are manipulated on a daily basis by TV, Radio broadcasts and a whole host of other stuff which we may not fully see or even hear yet such things seem to affect our emotions. After several friends showed their repulsion towards Religious based beheading and other atrocities being spawned by the media I wanted a means to fight back, to create change and offer up an alternative world view. By coincidence it was at this time i happened to meet a few faces from KIA.

The first aspect of Xaos i adopted was Digital Art and learning how to manipulate images by layering one on another and keep going until i had a complete new image from the existing. After a few sad attempts i realized that such a notion required a little visionary input from myself and so it was. The next step was to remove all aspects of self importance, Ego based ownership of what i was creating, the overcoming of self centered pride and the insecurity that someone may nick my work ! I asked myself what the hell was wrong with me and why i had i lost the ability to just be open and share in my creations. To circumnavigate this proved easy, just throw out an add on social media offering to work for free on the behalf of others and so it began.

Within weeks i was having to refuse any more requests as i was so busy and my time was being consumed for no pay but it no longer mattered. I was having fun, bringing a little joy to the life of others and gaining some valuable experience. This later lead to a KIA Agent placing some fascinating art before me and me being somewhat cheeky and asking “Hey can i play with this one.” The agent to my surprise replied “Sure.” This gave me a wonderful lift as i was now in a small collaboration to work with another artist. So where is all the Xaos in this you may ask ? maybe there is none as that i cannot honestly answer, my mind was in some weird state of overdrive and a myriad of messages were flying about the place between myself and other Magickal Practitioners. In short the whole nine yards was hectic, Chaotic and somewhat rather disorganized on my part yet it worked and damn well, so i kept rolling with the ideas and trying weirder ideas within my art. Sleepless nights and endless days produced some imagery i was happy with as were those i was working for, until the day i came to acknowledge i had a flair of my own which seemingly appeared out of nowhere. It was at this point i approached Anton about starting a KIA Node, something i had no experience in whatsoever. Between three or four Agents I gained a mass of wisdom and guidance which carried the whole project forward, after a couple of weeks KT arrived. Now i could be imagining this but it all seemed to stem from Art. From a desire to attack the system at a personal level simply because it felt right to do so, not just for myself but for others too.

Within a month or two, the entire operation was established with mentors, friends and fellow agents helping me to push through some limited growth of my own and expand beyond my usual hemisphere. I remember describing the experience as being in close proximity to ‘a gay person coming out of the closet,’ by that i mean it takes guts to show ones colors to a stagnant society which in all honesty hates the likes of KIA Agents but it did not matter. I was not alone, I was not branded as stupid but did pick up the odd comment about being mad or weird. One day someone replied to one of my comments with “o you know how nuts that sounds ?” to which i quickly replied, “It only sounds nuts due to your own lack of self education, your own shallow perception of something you have yet to grasp let alone try to understand.” What my friend was seeing may have been a mere fractal of something far greater but either way we laughed about the whole issue, I then sent her to Agent Anton for a quick walk through about Egregores and their benefit, especially one named KT. So from a small moment of anger, a fleeting glimpse of change and a desire to know brought about an entirely new aspect of working magick.


“Where do I begin, how should i get started?” my reply. “Art, Thee Art Ov Chaos.” which later became my own brand of the same.KT banks logo_Fotor

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  1. Glad Kay’tee is working well with you, and good to see you share what lead her to you here in this intro. Agent @trace put a lot of work into Kay’tee at one point, and lives not too far from you. Well not as far as I live anyway! Maybe not close enough to meet every month, but certainly close enough to arrange a meet up.

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  2. Cool account of how a small change can lead to a bigger one or how a journey starts with a single step.

    I find it interesting because to me all visual arts represent a sort of meta sigils. Since our subconscious communicates in images we can communicate to it with the same. Sigils utilise this principle. You could argue that sigils are good for those with no artistic/creative talent. On the other hand I am not certain that such individuals exist at all. I think we all have a creative talent but not all of us use it. We can tune in and develop it at any point in our life. I use both complex and simple art forms as well as ‘typical’ sigils with good results.

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  3. Thanks for the mention @anton, it led me to read this fascinating article, which I would have probably have been totally unaware of otherwise, (mainly because of aforementioned galloping apathy.)

    Reading it put a (probably slightly deranged- looking) smile on my face, because it feels to me that what happened, was as near to kaos/possibility wave/synchronisation as makes no odds.

    I am so happy that our synchro is working to its fullest rite now! which led me to read your post @glenn.
    Thanks to you and a few other agents, another minor outside ‘effect’ of your exhilarating experience has given me rather more inspiration than I thought possible at this conjecture. To be honest, I had kinda lost it over the last few months, stuff happened to the people all around me, and I spoze that up until now, I was allowing myself to attempt to carry it. It’s damn heavy….. it has held down my enthusiasm and even though it was pretty difficult to start with, as I have nobody else around me that has an inkling of what I do, has actually meant that I have, for quite a long time, turned away from magik, because (typically) although I know it’s always there, it hasn’t really got through to me, my voluntary and totally unessesary experience has cloyed my inspiration and it doesn’t even actually belong to me, through nobody’s doing but my own, simply because I allowed it to.
    I care about these folks, but im pretty sure this happens to all of us. so I’m thinking that if we don’t learn to let it all go… how can we continue to make a difference, how can we be ourselves?

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  4. @trace

    “Normal People are Delirious” — Eon

    Hopefully not too off topic, but has anyone here ever noticed that if, at exactly 12 AM, you spin around three times in front of a bathroom mirror, with two black candles, and repeat “Carl Gustav Jung” thirteen times synchronicities begin to happen?

    Love the story and the Art @glenn. Would love to see more.

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  5. Good to see so many agents come out and welcome @glenn. Glenn is lucky to have been in the right place and the right time to receive Kay’tee. I think these things happen for a reason though. Perhaps Kay’tee herself saw that Glenn was where she needed to go next…

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  6. Hah! Don’t think I haven’t noticed the ‘abduct the bankers’ Operation Intruder sigil merged with a bunch of bank logos. I can see what you’ve been up to with Kay’tee… B|

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