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Upcoming KIA transformation…

KIA will be 18 years old next February, and whilst that seems a way off right now, preparations are underway for the KIA egregore to move off this centralised site onto various decentralised platforms. This site itself will close. A new site that pulls data from decentralised platforms will open.

  • The best material from this current site will be archived in a series of ‘best of KIA’ e-books. These will be downloadable from the new site.
  • Blogs and comment functionality will move to the STEEM platform initially, although others may follow. These will be accessed via a self-hosted BlockPress application.
  • The KIA Speaks tool will be remodelled on a decentralised platform, probably EOS.
  • Work is underway to convert EnigMagick into a JavaScript application.
  • EOS will likely make other interesting features a possibility.

Personal sites hosted on KIA should be exported and archived on wordpress, either your own self hosted, or the wordpress dot com hosted platform. The more adventurous of you might be able to import it to an entirely different platform.

In preparation for the coming changes, it is recommended that all agents open an account on the steem blockchain, via steemit, or using one of the other more instant methods of opening an account.

Any queries can be addressed here or in the facebook group.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming KIA transformation…

  1. Ah, ok. Coz (as you would know for sure,) I am not understanding a lot of this stuff, I am rather more that a little worried by this advance @kia .
    Admittedly, I have been very quiet (especially for me,) for a long time, but… I really don’t wanna lose all this stuff and the folks that have been there and backed me up for soooo very long. I know you have already explained it all… but, I admit…. I don’t understand what any of it means.
    Will we still have our own websites that are part of the KIA thang? Will there still be a main KIA website?
    I think…… I’d better wait a while… before I get too worried.

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