Klones inspired by Ischyros inspired by Atavisms


KIA Litany

Winged secret flame,
My secret centre,
Cube in the circle.
I have made a secret door
The manifestation.

Thy will, do that and no other.
Come in our splendour.
Thrill with the working!
If thou love, exceed!

Another woman shall awake skies;
Our chosen: who shall rejoice,
They shall surpass the stars.


These words are of the consciousness.
These words are writing of the book.
These words are from the ill-ordered.
These words are filthy, shall be filthy.
These words are splendour in my name.

Midnight is splendour in my name.
Midnight is three ordeals in one.
Midnight is my eyes my spangles.
Midnight is, yet all is ever as it was.
Midnight is the bond that can unite.

Holy place shall be the bond that can unite.
Holy place shall be the ill-ordered house.

Midnight is the double-wanded one.
The double wand I invoke, I greet.
The double wand of the consciousness.
The double wand and Supreme Ritual.
The double wand is nine by the fools.
The double wand stir me or still me!

Fresh fever stir me or still me!
Fresh fever I invoke, I greet.
Fresh fever of the consciousness.
Fresh fever in it thy secret.
Fresh fever none shall stand before
Fresh fever shall be the strength.
Fresh fever go on, in my strength
Fresh fever, a feast for Tahuti and Law.

Our law and the joy I invoke, I greet.
Our law and the joy of the consciousness.
Our law and the joy called the word of Heru-ra-ha.
Our law and the joy shall be the strength.
Our law and the joy none shall stand before
Our law and the joy and I The inspired.

My image in the word of whole of the Law.
My image in the joys of my love will.
My image in the ill-ordered house
My image in the double-wanded one
My image in the child of thy bowels.
My image in three ordeals in one.
My image in splendour rapture!

Fools despise splendour in my name.
Fools despise my eyes my spangles.
Fools despise the joys of my love will.
Fools despise the double-wanded one.
Fools despise the ill-ordered house.
Fools despise pity and compassion.
Fools despise these virtuous words.

Another place of men. Curse them!
Another place none shall stand before.

Fear not that bond that can unite
Fear not that it is all a lie, this folly
Fear not that splendour rapture!
Fear not that lust in power of lust

The lust shall awake the joys of my love will.
The lust shall awake the double-wanded one.
The lust shall awake the child of thy bowels.
The lust shall awake the ill-ordered house.

Look forth upon the ill-ordered house
Look forth upon The child of thy bowels
Look forth upon the double-wanded one
Look forth upon the word of whole of the Law.
Look forth upon my eyes my spangles

Another skies none shall stand before

Night of the three ordeals in one,
Discover the three ordeals in one,
Discover the circumference
Discover the bond that can unite
Discover the splendour rapture!
Discover the lust in power of lust
Discover the writing of the Book

A secret key these virtuous words:
A secret key shall be the strength
A secret key of the consciousness
A secret key and Supreme Ritual,
A secret key is nine by the fools;
A secret key called the word of Heru-ra-ha

Fear not that warrior, I will give you
Thou shalt come who shall discover the key
Thou shalt come from the ill-ordered
Thou shalt come who are also of my friends
Thou shalt come, ye come through me
The fall of the warrior, I will give you

Be willing to stir me or still me!
Be willing to go on, in my strength
Be willing to perish with the dogs
Be willing to convert not: talk not


Us, my servants. Children.
Us, my servants in an egg.
Us, my servants of fire.
Us. My servants forge gold.
Us. My servants live long.
Us. My servants will give.

Am I the wise children?
Am I the wise and his kin?
Am I the wise in hope?
Am I the wise in an egg?

Why? I am eight in an egg.
Why? I am eight, the woman.
Why? I am eight, the sorrow.
Why? I am eight divided.

Why? My servants, I am snake.
Why? By my name, I am snake.

Day of the snake in an egg
Day of the snake and his kin!
Day of the snake and fire.
Day of the snake will slay me.
Day of the snake is no dread.
Day of the snake, of my joy.
Day of the snake for Kings.

Also secret word shall reign.
Also secret word of fire.
Also secret word and mantras.

Also this law is for all who are of us.
Also this law is for all children.

And a silence of children
And a silence of the woman
and a silence of fallen art.

Also the ritual of fire
Also the ritual and mantras.
Also the ritual of my joy.
Also the ritual for Kings.

Day my servants ye shall be.
Day my servants will slay me.

Hawk’s secret word will slay me.
Hawk’s princes shall not die.

~ * ~

Deciphering the KIA Egregore Ouija messages

On Friday the 18th of October 2013, five KIA Agents assembled together to contact the KIA Egregore using Ouija board with English Qabala Cypher written across it. Last Friday myself and @anton finished interpreting/decoding the first two answers. The process was a lengthy one but from the start the results obtained captured our imagination and motivated us to carry on. I decoded large part of this when @anton was at work but a lot of it was done by both of us.

First thing we did was to feed the letter sequences given to us during the ouija play into enigmagick program which gave us the triangle of numbers. Then we looked up corresponding phrases in Liber Al and try constructing meaningful answers from it. This turned out fairly easy with the first question. Below you can see the exact results obtained.

Q1. Do you have any questions for us?


40 14


First Veil: 54: who cry?

Second Veil: 40 14 cry who?

We selected phrases that are meaningful answers, of which we felt ‘who cry?’ was the only one in the First Veil. Of the possible results this was the only one that took the form of a question. Then we did the same for the Second Veil. The list of results is given below so you can understand the process.

40: shed, ye, have, sake, woes, is so, by all, gross, hair, hour, as she, at an, also of, or on, a joy a, cry, of all Ah! Ah!, MOR, hardly, as a sword, altar, host,

14: shall, who, how

54: who cry?

We chose words and phrases for 40 followed by 14 assuming that this is the order given to us by KIA Egregore. We then looked if any of the combinations make sense to us. We achieved a repeated result of inverted structure to the Fist Veil result. Cry Who? To double check our result you can type the numbers or letter sequences to enigmagick, or follow the numbered links above.

In the ouija board rite this letter sequence was directly followed by planchette moving onto ‘NO’. Our interpretation of this message is that KIA Egregore asks ‘who is asking?’ and says they have no further questions. This result is amusing and striking in that we forgot to introduce ourselves to KIA when saying hello.

We used the exact the same method to decode the second question. It was a more complex process as the letter sequence was in 3 parts resulting in Three Veils instead of Two.

Q2. What is the message of KIA?


22 132 99

154 231


First Veil: 253

Second Veil: 154 231

Third Veil: 22 132 99

The interpretation of these veils produced a long poetic text we intuitively arranged to form the KIA Litany.

KIA retreat 2013


This years KIA Retreat was based in our home in Inverness. Some KIA agents arrived earlier in the week so the retreat unofficially began on Wednesday. We had a welcome supper at the Clachnaharry Inn, our local pub haunted by the ghost of Donald Forbes. We chose a table near to where his ghost likes to be and enjoyed a most delicious meal. We had a friendly chat with the chef who was more than pleased to talk to us about foraging for wild mushrooms. After the meal we walked back to our house through the woods. The path was illuminated by bright moon light and we could hear an owl hoot in a distance.

On Thursday evening we watched ‘Maybe Logic‘, enjoying home made chocolate liqueur made with double cream and a generous dash of chilli powder. Admittedly not all agents turned out to be big fans of hot flavours, which became an issue, as spicy things tend to mysteriously crawl into my cooking.

Friday meant getting up early to meet an agent travelling from Edinburgh. After a quick coffee at the rail station we caught a bus to Foyers. We went passed Boleskine Graveyard and house but this time we didn’t stop there. We decided to enjoy the waterfall and gorge walk down to the loch side. We all entertained ourselves with Foyers Effect although the waterfall turned out to be really narrow this time.


Strolling down the river we picked a few wild mushrooms such as brown birch bolete, hedgehog and cauliflower fungus. There was plenty false chanterelles growing in the forest and a couple of Fly Agarics amongst other mushrooms that we couldn’t identify.

We had a nice picnic on a small beach by Loch Ness, staring into its cold blue waters and soaking up the energy of this unique place. It was a good feeling to be charged up before a weekend of magick. We finished the walk with a cup of tea and coffee at Waterfall Café before returning home.


After a late dinner and a rest, we set up altar for the weekend and proceeded to play around with our newly painted Ouija board. We began by doing the Kia IAO centring ritual. It felt good and brought things into focus. Our aim was to talk to KIA egregore and ask them few simple things. We all had very little or no experience with the board which possibly contributed to this highly amusing evening. KIA was clearly having a laugh but we did get some insightful results and managed to identify some spirits talking to us: Oannes- John, Nyarlathotep, Hecate and Orion. Other answers might make more sense when run through the English Qabala cipher. All in all it was an interesting magickal experience and a great fun.


Saturday was sunny and really warm. After a lazy breakfast and coffee we eventually left the house for a walk down to the Caledonian Canal and the Ness Islands (another haunted place, although I don’t think you would feel it during the day ). Rabbits were running around below the Inverness castle in huge numbers. It was strange seeing so many of them.


We had a break in Leaky’s Café and bookshop, the largest second hand bookshop in Scotland, located in a converted church building. We browsed through some occult books in the miscellaneous section located opposite a large log burner. As usual there were many interesting titles and some of the agents left with a book to join their collections. We walked back home enjoying the sunshine.

It took us a while to get organised in the evening. Agent V was leading the ritual this time. We began by drawing sigils around the fire and after a while each one of us read a segment of the ultraterrestial invocation and we all repeated the chorus. Once we finished we burned the text by throwing it in the fire and for a while hung out in the garden, enjoying the evening.


Eventually Agent V gathered us inside around a small organic looking UFO made of silver balloons and flashing led lights. We sat down in a dark room, in a circle around the UFO. The mix of strange otherworldly beeping sounds from crop circles and UFO sightings was playing in the background as we began the Coherent Thought Sequencing.

The sacrament most of us partook in earlier was having full effect now. Most of us drifted into bizarre dimensions of reality whilst one held the space by staying grounded. We visited dimensions strangely related to each other yet different. The experiences included talking to the Masters of DNA living inside our cells, being controlled by a tentacled monster from deep space, swapping consciousness with a grey alien travelling in a space ship, traversing tunnels of energy inside neurons that seem to span across the whole universe, merging into fractal like structures resembling teletubbies and more. It was an intense and fascinating experience that each participant may want to describe in more detail in the comments, if they feel included to share.


Eventually the sound track fading signalled for us to return to Earth. We noticed that meanwhile it hard started raining very heavy. It seemed as if our magick brought on this downpour. After collecting the stuff left around the fire and preparing some good strong coffee, we all sat together and related our experiences of the ritual. We spent the rest of the night chatting and discussing our visions. There was a lot of giggling and excitement going on. Before going to bed we looked outside at the strange night world drowning in a thick, yellow mist and at twinkling stars above. It was a truly magickal night.

Sunday as one might expect was fairly lazy and relaxed. We went for a short walk to the hill fort in Craig Phadrig forest. The forest was damp and full of honey fungus. Drops of moisture were collected in small cobwebs all around the place. It was very refreshing strolling through. The mountains were drowning in the clouds so you couldn’t see them from the top. The waters of the firth were silver grey and you could hear crows in the tree tops.


At home we put down a pre-drawn KIA sigil on the floor and during the evening we all filled it up with small sigils, automatic drawings and significant symbols. One of agents took us on a journey into their dream scape in the fashion of a role playing game. We walked around the place familiarizing ourselves with it and its strange inhabitants. It was a very nice way to unwind. We all wondered if we will come back to this place in our dreams. At the end of the evening we all shared a Black Rat and focused on its energy. This served as a closing of the magickal time we shared.


On Monday I was waken up by clacking of geese flying pass in a large flocks. We had a coffee and a croissant for breakfast and watched ‘Subterranean Dreams’ (an Alchemical.tv film yet to be published). I prepared tomato and roasted pepper soup which got nicknamed ‘Satanic Soup’ because of its colour and the chilli infused oil that crept in somehow. After the meal we had another lovely stroll in the woods. In the evening, one of the agents left for home and the rest of us decided to have a closing celebration in Clachnaharry Inn. Each one of us had a couple of pints and some delicious haggis. We walked along the canal on the way and came back through the woods. Night was quite cold and very pretty. We talked a little about the weekend and our plans for the rest of the year before going to bed.


The ones who were still present on Tuesday enjoyed a day of watching horror films. We watched short version of Dumplings by Fruit Chan followed by 1957 British horror Night of the Demon. In the evening we enjoyed Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht by Werner Herzog and The Gate by Tibor Takács snacking on home made macaroons and drinking some heavily peated whisky.


KIA Retreat -Brown Magic.


One of great contributions to the retreat was an acquisition of a special and unique grimoire of Brown Magic. Three of us visited Leaky’s Bookshop in Inverness before the retreat. It’s a wonderful shop and cafe in old church building. It resembles a library. The tall shelves filled with old books are truly overwhelming. There is a fireplace in the middle and spiral, metal staircase leading to the balcony with a cafe, nice sofas, prints and old maps and fantastic collection of folio society books. We were browsing for few hours. On the shelves labelled miscellaneous there was quite a lot of books on paganism, new age, magic, psychology and other difficult to label subjects. In between all this we found an intriguing paperback with a strange title and cover. The cover features centrally a big fly agaric mushroom surrounded by hares and a fairy. The title reads: BROWN MAGIC. A BOOK FOR BROWN OWL. by V. Rhys Davids. The book is dedicated to THE BROWN OWLS OF THE WORLD WHO ARE WORKING FOR THE FUTURE.

We had  a real fun with this little book. Not only we began calling each other Brownies or Boggarts and our meeting pow-wow but also we incorporated some of the magical techniques described in the book. We were inspired to include a sacrament of chocolate brownies for our last evening and also used the book for divination by opening it and reading random passages out loud. Here is one of them:

“This brings us to the Toadstool, as it too, signifies, in a way, permanence and security. For it stays when they go, and will in time come to signify the life of the Pack.”

“Nature Lore might be called the heart of Guiding.The more we learn and know of Nature the more our religious sense and or spiritual qualities are quickened and strengthened .”

“One way of opening a meeting is to magic the room. Think of some lovely place you would like to be in-a forest, a fairy palace, a cave, on the seashore- change it each time but be sure the Brownies know what they are choosing; for instance, inland Brownies might find it hard to picture the seashore. Then go about the room and with your two fingers draw imaginary trees along the walls- that is, if you want a wood, or rocks for a cave etc. The two fingers used in the Brownie salute may have a magic power!”

I think you get it by now!

We researched Brown Magic a bit before the retreat and came across this great Brown Owl Motto:

” We are the druids , here is our wish; to wave our wands and make Magic Fish, who can swim through the sky and mysterious mountains, who know how to fly!”

On the last evening of the retreat we used the technique described in Brown Magic to close and tidy up the magical space. As we removed KIA banner and other important object we pointed our fingers at them shouting VANISH! At the end we shared the sacrament of chocolate brownies. It was great fun.


Crowley Mass October 12th-15th 2012, Upper Foyers, Loch Ness.

We invite our friends from KIA and Free Illuminism to join us on this magickal gathering.

We feel that with the end of 2011 KIA entered a new phase of life. Some of us met for the first time, many participated in the KIA Wealth Magic Ritual and Egregore Project and some attended KIA meeting in London earlier this year. Our community began the transformation from an on-line discussion group to magickal community of people sharing experience and working together towards illumination and happiness. During our gathering in Foyers we will be celebrating this as well as expanding on our cooperation.

We consider Foyers one of the most exceptional places around Loch Ness. It has it’s own magickal history and breathtaking power that hits you as soon as you land there.  We think that Aleister Crowley knew what he was doing choosing nearby Boleskine for his Abramelin working and that he must have appreciated the exceptional nature of this place. To learn a bit more about Foyers and watch a video you can visit our original post on the Green Site.

KIA Retreat proposed programme:

This will largely depend on how many of us will make it. I encourage everyone participating to come forward with ideas of what we might do and possibly prepare some magickal activity for everyone.  Below there is a list of activities that we might take part in:

Friday Evening:

  • Crowley Mass at Boleskine Cemetery (subject to weather conditions).  Ritual of Ceremonial Magick including drumming, blowing a Conch shell, dancing, singing, drawing Sigils and reciting Liber Al inspired by Gnostic Mass .
  • The ceremony would be concluded by meditative walk to the shores of Loch Ness where all participants would partake in a ritualistic bath in the waters of the loch. The brave ones might even have  a swim. To prepare for this initiation I suggest getting in practice of Tummo.
  • Late night screening: Film of our choice, to be decided, possibly Lucifer Rising  or Chemical Wedding.


  • Workshops, rituals and activities prepared by the participants. This could include my workshop on Abramelin Oil and Incense, creating and exchanging KIA egregore dolls, maybe some tarot sessions, group meditation and so on.
  • Walk to the Falls of Foyers.
  • Evening ritual: this could be to do with one of our current projects:

Fear & Love Project,

Healing Servitore,

Justice field.

  • Late night screening: Film of our choice, to be decided.  Maybe something by Werner Herzog or starring him like Incident At Loch Ness.


  • KIA Egregore Rising ritual to empower ourselves.
  • KIA Retreat Party.

This programme is only a vague suggestion. Feel free to come forward with your own ideas!

Other activities may include: angling, fishing, mushroom picking, red squirrel, deer and Nessie spotting and hunt for the wild Scottish Haggis.


Accommodation, Transport and Facilities:

We will be staying at Lodges on Loch Ness in upper Foyers.
Each lodge can accommodate 6 people in 2 double and one twin en-suite bedroom. They are self catering fully equipped lodges with hot tubs. Price per lodge is £625.  The deposit of £200 has to be paid and details of each occupant must be given 6 weeks before arrival . You can make a booking using the following link. http://www.lodgesonlochness.com/index.htm

We will be arriving to Foyers on Friday and leaving on Monday morning. We will be organising ourselves in groups of  6 when possible. We will meet in Inverness on Friday and take bus no 16 from Queensgate to Foyers.

There are other accommodation options available if you find yourself in too small company to justify booking a lodge or you want to join us for one or two nights only. We recommend nearby Foyers House B&B with its warm welcome, interesting library and absolutely delicious breakfast.

There is no campsite in Foyers and nights in October can be bitterly cold here in Scotland so if you decide to bring a tent and wild camp in the woods we will offer hot drink and food in our lodge.

Getting to Foyers on weekends isn’t very easy. The public transport is very limited with only 2 buses on Saturday and no bus on Sunday . Only other options would be to take a taxi: Happy Cabbies 01463 717777 or City Taxis Inverness 01463 222555. There is usually a few cabs in front of the train station as well.

If you’re driving to get to Foyers you will need to follow B862 from Inverness to Dores and B852 from Dores to Foyers. It leads along the shores of Loch Ness and distance is roughly 20 miles on a narrow bumpy road with passing places.

Foyers has its own Waterfall Cafe serving nice Scottish Breakfast and Foyers Stores post office which sales some good ale and few other basics. For more advanced groceries it will be best to stock up in Inverness. There is a Co-operative store just 2 minutes from Queensgate with nice choice of food and drink.





KIA Retreat Foyers 2012

This is taking up the subject of KIA Retreat 2012 discussed in KIA Retreat Summer 2012. After not seeing many responses to this idea so far I think it might be useful to assume this retreat may happen later this year, therefore not necessarily during the summer. I would like to suggest Foyers by Loch Ness as the place to host our meeting.

Foyers has its own magical history including nearby Boleskine House owned once by A.Crowley. Apart form this it’s simply a wonderful little village located by river Foyers and amazing Falls of Foyers falling 100f  into the river carved gorge. The views for the loch are also beautiful and there is an access to the loch in Lower Foyers. There is a lot of nice wood walks and a trail along the shores of loch Ness. Little cafe in Upper Foyers serves  lovely scrambled eggs with smoked salmon amongst other things, and not bad coffee too.


I made a short video from the last time I was there with Anton. It should give you an idea about this place:


Here is the poem about the Falls of Foyers by Robert Burns:

Among the heathy hills and ragged woods
The roaring Foyers pours his mossy floods;
Till full he dashes on the rocky mounds,
Where, through a shapeless breach, his stream resounds,
As high in air the bursting torrents flow,
As deep-recoiling surges foam below,
Prone down the rock the whitening sheet descends,
And viewless Echo’s ear, astonish’d rends.
Dim seen, through rising mists and ceaseless showers,
The hoary cavern, wide-surrounding, lowers.
Still, through the gap the struggling river toils,
And still, below, the horrid cauldron boils.


I am sure this is convincing enough to everybody so  I looked up some self catering accommodation offers in Foyers.

Here are our options:


Lodges on Loch Ness in upper Foyers.

Self catering lodges sleeping 6 people in 3 bedrooms two double and one twin bedroom. The website mentions hot tubs and heated veranda in each lodge. Price for September and October is lodges that sleep 6 people. £625 for a short break 3 nights arriving Friday and leaving Monday morning per lodge. The price drops to £545 in November. The deposit of £200 has to be paid and details of each occupant must be given 6 weeks before arrival . Here is their website for more information:



Camerons Cottage.

Situated on Glenlia Farm sleeps up to 5/6 people and it has benefit of a wood burning stove. There are also Highland cattle on the farm Usually rented on weekly basis at price varying between £395 -£645 but shorter breaks may be available and we could get a quote via email or a phone.



Foyers Bay Lodges.

Lodges located on the grounds of Foyers Bay House in Lower Foyers. They can accommodate 4 adults, price include breakfast and there is a possibility of ordering a dinner in the hotel restaurant. Lodges are rented per night at a price of £120 in Sept-Oct and £100 in November.  The minimum stay is 2 nights which could be an advantage.



Foyers Lodge.

This one could be good if more of us would like to go. It can accommodate up to 23 people and minimum group is 16. House has 12 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, library and drawing room.

The price per week for group of 16 from September on is £2100 and for 23 people £2600 but shorter breaks are available.



Well, I’m looking forward hearing from you all. Who’s up for it?


Kay’tee was born between  25th and 29th of March 2012. Naming ceremony took place on 2nd April 2012 in the morning after which she began her travel.

She was created for the The Egregore Project. She originated as Uneeda sailor troll doll I bought on ebay for my yellow-sun troll. When troll arrived it turned out to be much bigger than I expected. I decided not use it for its original purpose and kept it. The Kia egregore project inspired me to transform this troll into Kay’tee.

I decided to paint her gold and give her my personal accessories for hair- green plats made of hair extension, rings of hair ties and back of her head decorated with my hair pin. I also gave her my own earrings to wear and old runic talisman I used to wear in the past. I decided to paint her face and toe nails leaving the rest of the body to imagination and talents of other Kia members.

Below you can watch short video of this process and see Kay’tee setting off for her adventure as she’s being passed on to Trace.

Kay’tee was named so by Lionel on Monday morning before she set off to Essex in the UK. The idea came from shortening “KIA Troll” to KT.

My own impression of Kay’tee is that she loves parties, drugs, music and adventure. She likes starring at the night sky in search for flying saucers, visit the hidden corners of human conscious, plant seeds in our imagination, play innocent tricks on us and chill with a joint and exotic cocktail. She seems to be sociable and outgoing (at least as for a troll!). Being outspoken and brave she can handle Kia’s Public Relations in the spirit realm and aid creativity.

Kay’tee being a group egregore doll will travel and visit different Kia members who will help her grow and mature. I decided that she can only be passed on to someone else in person. This could happen during  summer retreat or other unofficial Kia meetings.


KIA Retreat Summer 2012

After last Saturday’s KIA meeting I could not help but feel that it would be great to meet up again, possibly in a bigger group and for more than just one afternoon. It’s not easy for most of us to afford and find time for travels but I found the meeting so rewarding that I think we ought to do it again. I propose a short 2-3 days retreat in some self catering place like a hostel or a campsite, possibly in a remote location, out in nature.

I don’t really have a plan for it yet. I would imagine having a bonfire, walks out in woods or a sea shore, group ritual and maybe sharing of useful skills in an informal workshops etc. I would find difficult to chose dates or places at the moment but I want to share the idea with all of you so we have time to think it through together and choose something good for all interested. Location would be probably somewhere centrally with roughly similar distance for everyone, unless someone can offer free accommodation or know of some special place worth visiting for any reason.

Share your suggestions and ideas of what we could do and where we could go anytime you have one!

I think it would be great to do this…


KIA Meet Up 3rd March 2012 (personal view by Lolita Perdurabo.)

Last Saturday few of us met up in London. It was a second unofficial KIA meeting in modern history of KIA, that is since I joined in 2008. I am sure there were some meetings happening before that but @Anton would know this better than me. The first meeting took place in November 2011 in Krakow and it involved @Lolita, @Anton, @Hippi, @Sparrowhawk and two other friends. Both those meeting were fantastic and I had a feeling of being between family and friends I know for  along time.

We ( this being @Lolita, @Anton, @Spiral, @Tom @Trace with her friend and Michael from Free Illuminism)  meet on the entrance to British Museum. It was all rather chaotic as there was 7 of us most of which never meet in real life before.  After hugs, handshakes and introductions we headed for a pint. So it had happened that we ended up in ‘the Plough’ a pub frequently visited by Aleister Crowley in his days. We went upstairs, joined few tables and carried on talking on all sort of subjects including, Alchemy, Symbolism, Correspondences in Magick, our private life to name  a few. Me and Anton brought with us KIA egregor doll, the Green Troll and Scarlet Troll women from my Troll Tribe. Trace brought with her Fredford and feathers from her hens that were given to KIA egregore doll. It felt great to sit and chat there for a first time and be able to recognize each other faces and feel we’re all friends. I had a real sense of bonding with everyone but sitting in between Michael and Anton I mostly managed to talk to them and a little bit to Trace.

After few pints we moved to Camden and shared lovely Lunch in a vegan buffet. @Tom and @Spiral suggested this and I have to admit it was a great idea! I loved red date tea as much as the food. (Thanks guys!) This time I chose seat next to Spiral and we had a great conversation with about our psychedelic experiences and also about mushrooms picking.  It was very inspiring lunch. Michael had to leave us to catch flight back to Prague. We had one more pint in the World’s End- steam punk pub with an amazing interior after which we strolled in Regent’s Park until it got dark. We also stopped to climb a wooden climbing frame with nets hanging like a hammock. It was fun hanging in the air watching the sky and chatting to each other.

It was a fantastic day spent amongst kindred spirits. It only makes me wish we could do this more often.

Thanks to everybody for turning up and making it happen.

Buddha statue in the underground room of the vegan buffet in Camden.