Kommunity inspired by Idols taking Acid


What can you say when there’s not much left to say?

I’ve been quiet on this group for a while because my life was so full of other things to do and although Magic played a vital part in makng personal progress in my life after certain events had made my life pretty annoying.

To me it is like I have reached a state where I am just sovereign in a few magical techniques which I can use in a variety of ways and in endless combinations with ritual material of various kinds. Having taken the experimental approach I originally associated with Chaos Magic was the starting point and the best approach I could have taken. It figures in Magic it’s what you do that counts and not the dogma you buy in to.

I am showing up here once more because I plainly missed KIA of which most members were the kind of Occultist with a sense of freedom we usually all seemed to share here, a sense of humour and plain common sense in the end despite all the weirdness that’s shared here who were the best companions I could have on my way.

I’ve neither reached omnipotence nor perfection nor liberation of any ouside influence which might be unpleasant. But by now I’ve got magic for all that I could need or want.

In the end my main approach has become the most simple although I use relative techniques every now and then for certain purposes. Meditation is the summum bonum of all techniques. I have noticed that meditation without an intent is in itself a form of magic having the power to transform your life to the better and make anything fall into place as good as possible in your individual life.

Another thing I have learned is that even in a field where your magic never worked you can make it work if you stick to it long enough and try to adjust your approach. I know a great magical healer who could hardly ever gain wealth. For some it seems a part of their life is cursed and never reacts properly to their magic. To me money was the same problem. But a long search for techniques and many repetitions of workings are finally bringing growing results in this field.

If there are youngsters around I am willing to give advice if needed. And I am 35 now and grew up chronically ill and desperate and an outsider as a teenager. But I got happy and well. Youngsters, with time, and that is needed, magic can basically get you anything you want, for sure. It’s common sense that chances can be missed which will be lost. And for some reason it seems to be an imperfect world and thus it seems perfection can hardly be achieved and you can’t guarantee that you can keep all you gained forever. But I have seen things happen I doubted would be possible when I was young. And happy is an easy thing to be in the end.

Fra. Avis Igneus