Korporate Impish Amun



When KIA started it began with the creation of the egregore in a ritual we called the ‘Birth Rite’.  Around the world each group or individual magician participating performed the following ritual to ‘give birth’ to the egregore.  In Norwich five magicians contributed to the creation of a magical doll which became known as the KIA doll, effectively a physical base for the egregore amongst the group there present, which included myself and Jaq D Hawkins.

The following text is the original text I sent out inviting members across the world to participate.  I think some other magicians around the world did actually take part but I forget where.  At the time we communicated via a yahoo group which has since sadly been deleted.

The Ritual of KIA’s birth.

To take place on the 9-10th February 2001 – Time: all day.
(All day starts at sunset on the 9th and ends sunset on
the 10th).

The birth of the KIA egregor.

To be works by groups and individuals…
Consisting of three parts.

0. Preparation
Gather materials for the construction of a permanent
material base for a manifestation of the KIA egregor.
This may manifest differently with each individual, I
will post a photo of the Norwich one to the group after
the ritual. Each of you is free to make public your
egregors or not as you please. Make room somewhere on
the egregor for the KIA logo (see attachment).

Have a pen and note paper ready for writing notes.
1. Attain ritual consciousness using a method you are
comfortable with. Ask your deep mind/ the spirit of
Chaos, the World Kia, to give you the desired
manifestation of the KIA egregor. Begin to talk in
Chaos Language (Psychobabble Glossolalia – or making
random sounds with the toungue) whilst starting to
paint/ glue/ draw/ or otherwise construct the matterial
base. Finish by marking the egregor with the KIA

2. Place the Material base centrally ( with newpaper
on the floor if the paint is still drying!) with enough
room to dance round it. Begin to get into consciousness
of KIA. To do this begin with gentle swaying, serpent
like motions. Gradually begin to intensify the sway
until you are shaking wildly, if you need to move from
the spot, try guiding your movement about the circle.
Then let your rythm find a pace that is comfortable for
you, this rythm may move up and down slightly as you
change the movements and use different muscles, the
importance being on using the rythm to attain a trance.
When you feel suitably trance like, ask you deep mind
to put you into KIA consciousness.

3. Gently slow the trance to halt and sit/kneel before
the egregor and whilst in KIA consciousness, ask the
KIA egregor some questions. Suggested questions might
be ‘How are you?’, ‘How do you feel about you birth?’,
‘Where do you see you future?’, ‘What can you offer
me?’, ‘What can I offer you?’, ‘How fast do you expect
to grow?’, ‘Is there anything else you wish to tell me?’
Listen for any thoughts that arise in your subconsious
and make a note of them and any follow up questions you
ask on a bit of paper. When you are finished, leave
ritual consciousness using a prefered method.

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