Korporate Insane Ardhanarishvara


Preparation for Egregore sigil charging ritual

With the the KIA retreat starting in less than a week, I have some last minute preparations to do. As I was preparing a mass sigil charging rite to be empowered by the KIA Egregore, it occurred to me that we could accept sigil submissions from those of you who can not attend in body.

You can expect a full write-up of how this and other rituals went, after the event.

You can attach images of any sigils you want included in the ritual in the comments below.



Kay’tee was born between  25th and 29th of March 2012. Naming ceremony took place on 2nd April 2012 in the morning after which she began her travel.

She was created for the The Egregore Project. She originated as Uneeda sailor troll doll I bought on ebay for my yellow-sun troll. When troll arrived it turned out to be much bigger than I expected. I decided not use it for its original purpose and kept it. The Kia egregore project inspired me to transform this troll into Kay’tee.

I decided to paint her gold and give her my personal accessories for hair- green plats made of hair extension, rings of hair ties and back of her head decorated with my hair pin. I also gave her my own earrings to wear and old runic talisman I used to wear in the past. I decided to paint her face and toe nails leaving the rest of the body to imagination and talents of other Kia members.

Below you can watch short video of this process and see Kay’tee setting off for her adventure as she’s being passed on to Trace.

Kay’tee was named so by Lionel on Monday morning before she set off to Essex in the UK. The idea came from shortening “KIA Troll” to KT.

My own impression of Kay’tee is that she loves parties, drugs, music and adventure. She likes starring at the night sky in search for flying saucers, visit the hidden corners of human conscious, plant seeds in our imagination, play innocent tricks on us and chill with a joint and exotic cocktail. She seems to be sociable and outgoing (at least as for a troll!). Being outspoken and brave she can handle Kia’s Public Relations in the spirit realm and aid creativity.

Kay’tee being a group egregore doll will travel and visit different Kia members who will help her grow and mature. I decided that she can only be passed on to someone else in person. This could happen during  summer retreat or other unofficial Kia meetings.


KIA Doll Makeover

In 2009 I gave the old KIA doll from the Norwich group a makeover.   After being passed around the membership of the Norwich group she unanimously ended up in my care when the group dissolved.  I had been working with her as my personal link to the group egregore for a number of years, but in 2009 began to feel that the look of the old doll no longer represented well what KIA had become.

Lolita Perdurabo and I began working together more closely on a magical level and felt it was time to give the doll a makeover.  I began by giving her a new paint job, and Lolita contributed more gold paint patterns to the arms and legs, and more recently donated a bow to KIA for her to wear in her hair.  For KIA’s 11th birthday Lolita also made her a new necklace from some sea shells.

The following photos reveal how she looks now:

The KIA Doll February 2012

Isn't she cute?

Norwich KIA Doll

When KIA officially launched in Feb 2001, magicians around the world took part in what we called the ‘birth rite‘, a ritual whose intent was to give birth to the KIA egregore, a group tulpa.  In the city of Norwich, five magicians gathered and created a doll to house the local egregore for the Norwich KIA ‘temple’.  This photo shows myself holding the doll we made on that night…


After the initial ritual further embellishments were added as members of the group took turns looking after the doll until she came to resemble the photo below:

Eventually the KIA Norwich group dissolved for various reasons as the various individuals involved went their separate ways.