Kunzite Iusaaset tripping on Asana


Operation Hail Eris! and Festival 23

We learned through our channels that on 23 July 2016 somewhere in the north of England Discordian Popes will gather for a weekend of ritual and mischief. They describe it as:

An interactive celebration of literature and the arts; of theatre, playshops and music inspired by the Discordian movement; a society of philosophers, theologians, magicians, scientists, artists, clowns and similar maniacs who are intrigued with Eris, Goddess of Confusion, and with her doings.

We think it will be advantageous for Kia Agents to attend either covertly or openly. We might gather some useful intel about their operations. Perhaps this will allow us to coordinate our actions, recruit new agents and further infiltrate their collective. It will be a great opportunity for our agents to meet in person and socialize too.

If you would like to volunteer for this mission visit the KIA forum to discuss the details.

You can find more about the event on  Festival 23 website.



KIA Meet Up 3rd March 2012 (personal view by Lolita Perdurabo.)

Last Saturday few of us met up in London. It was a second unofficial KIA meeting in modern history of KIA, that is since I joined in 2008. I am sure there were some meetings happening before that but @Anton would know this better than me. The first meeting took place in November 2011 in Krakow and it involved @Lolita, @Anton, @Hippi, @Sparrowhawk and two other friends. Both those meeting were fantastic and I had a feeling of being between family and friends I know for  along time.

We ( this being @Lolita, @Anton, @Spiral, @Tom @Trace with her friend and Michael from Free Illuminism)  meet on the entrance to British Museum. It was all rather chaotic as there was 7 of us most of which never meet in real life before.  After hugs, handshakes and introductions we headed for a pint. So it had happened that we ended up in ‘the Plough’ a pub frequently visited by Aleister Crowley in his days. We went upstairs, joined few tables and carried on talking on all sort of subjects including, Alchemy, Symbolism, Correspondences in Magick, our private life to name  a few. Me and Anton brought with us KIA egregor doll, the Green Troll and Scarlet Troll women from my Troll Tribe. Trace brought with her Fredford and feathers from her hens that were given to KIA egregore doll. It felt great to sit and chat there for a first time and be able to recognize each other faces and feel we’re all friends. I had a real sense of bonding with everyone but sitting in between Michael and Anton I mostly managed to talk to them and a little bit to Trace.

After few pints we moved to Camden and shared lovely Lunch in a vegan buffet. @Tom and @Spiral suggested this and I have to admit it was a great idea! I loved red date tea as much as the food. (Thanks guys!) This time I chose seat next to Spiral and we had a great conversation with about our psychedelic experiences and also about mushrooms picking.  It was very inspiring lunch. Michael had to leave us to catch flight back to Prague. We had one more pint in the World’s End- steam punk pub with an amazing interior after which we strolled in Regent’s Park until it got dark. We also stopped to climb a wooden climbing frame with nets hanging like a hammock. It was fun hanging in the air watching the sky and chatting to each other.

It was a fantastic day spent amongst kindred spirits. It only makes me wish we could do this more often.

Thanks to everybody for turning up and making it happen.

Buddha statue in the underground room of the vegan buffet in Camden.


Norwich KIA Doll

When KIA officially launched in Feb 2001, magicians around the world took part in what we called the ‘birth rite‘, a ritual whose intent was to give birth to the KIA egregore, a group tulpa.  In the city of Norwich, five magicians gathered and created a doll to house the local egregore for the Norwich KIA ‘temple’.  This photo shows myself holding the doll we made on that night…


After the initial ritual further embellishments were added as members of the group took turns looking after the doll until she came to resemble the photo below:

Eventually the KIA Norwich group dissolved for various reasons as the various individuals involved went their separate ways.