Klones guarding Ivory Agnostics


Tarot reading on future of KIA

For this reading, performed on Tuesday 2nd June, Dana and I employed the ‘think I should do’ tarot spread and used the Medieval Scapini Deck. This was a deck we purchased after seeing it appear in a Daisy Chainsaw video some years back. We performed this reading with the intent of sharing it as an example of how useful this otherwise humorous spread can be.

So for the cards we decided they meant:

  1. What the KIA egregore thinks it should do.
  2. What Dana and I think KIA should do.
  3. What KIA will probably do.
  4. What KIA should actually do.

Reading left to right, top to bottom the cards were then chosen as follows:


  1. II The Popess
  2. VIIII The Hermit
  3. 9 of Cups
  4. X Wheel of Fortune

1. The egregore wants us to be less emotional, in order to create a more detached learning environment. Teachers motivated by justice.

2. We are not far off what the egregore wants with our own intentions, but we have a tendency to desire more solitude and secrecy. In comparison the egregore would want us to be more forthcoming in sharing and utilising our knowledge and experience.

3. We are none-the-less headed for victory.

4. So we should leave things to fate.

Other notes on this reading include noticing that Dana and I have had a tendency towards ‘male’ magical archetypes and systems, whilst the egregore wants more feminine.