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When the original Kaotic Illuminated Adepts first gained membership in all six humanly habitable continents, we at first celebrated the fact before realising that Antartica was somewhat left out. So we came up with the idea of declaring membership of 23 Penguins as members. This was so that everyone would realise they were not real members as such, but rather spirits that could be contacted and worked with as if they were fellow members. Part of the inspiration is that they were the giant blind albino penguins from H.P.Lovecraft's story 'The Mountains of Madness'.

Anyway, once the idea of these 23 penguins was out there, it spread outside KIA and into the DCS forum on Although the 23 penguins there had different names and characters.

Subsequent changes to KIA and the death of meant that the 23 penguins are largely forgotten about.

The idea is being revived, albeit in a slightly different format. In the new format, as the first step we have chosen 23 penguins from popular culture. In the next step we will create our own penguin characters based loosely on the pop culture characters. In this way we can use our characters in any way we wish without worrying to much about copyright or staying true to the character ours was based on. We expect our own characters to emerge and develop their own character traits and the pop culture ones to be seen merely as lesser manifestations of them...

Pop Culture Avatars of the 23 KIA Penguin Magi

  1. Opus
  2. Hex based on Tux
  3. Feathers McGraw
  4. Pingu
  5. Piplup
  6. LP
  7. Frobisher
  8. Mr. Flibble
  9. Pik Pok
  10. Lolo
  11. Lala
  12. Pirate Penguin
  13. Skipper
  14. Kowalski
  15. Private
  16. Rico
  17. Tuxie
  18. Cilly Willy
  19. Mumble
  20. Cozy Heart Penguin
  21. Penta
  22. Pokey
  23. Friga

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